Alexander Wnuk plays pieces by Nader Mashayekhi

Speaking at the 3rd Contemporary Music Festival of Tehran (TCMF), Polish musician, Alexander Vanouk commented: “The TCMF is a very valuable event for me as it tries to gather around the contemporary music scene of Iran and the world to work on their favorite subject.”

Alexander Vanouk has performed pieces here composed by Iranian musician Nader Mashayekhi. He talked about his familiarization with Iranian music and Mashayekhi, saying: “My first contact was with Martina Kosseska and Aidin Samimi-Mofakham who proposed that I play a piece by Nader Mashayekhi. I was delighted to do so as Mr Mashayekhi is a well-known musician in Europe.”

Vanouk also spoke about his reasons for participating at the TCMF when he also had offers from other festivals, and said: “I became familiar with this Festival last year. I was very interested in taking part due to the high potentials I see here. This prompted me to opt out for participation here rather than simultaneous events taking place in Europe. I believe the TCMF has a very bright future.”

The 3rd Contemporary Music Festival of Tehran will run from 19-27 April 2018.