130 Musicians at 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival

TCMF is an international event in the fields of contemporary music. It is an independent cultural and artistic event held annually with lectures and performances including experimental and improvisational presentations.

It opened Friday and will run through April 27 at the TMoCA and three other venues namely Azadi Tower, Roudaki Hall and Hafez Hall, Mehr News Agency reported on its Persian website.

Musicians from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland are attending. A total of 130 musicians in 27 ensembles have entered the lineup of the event.

Though partly closed due to renovating operations, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art hosted two inaugural performances on Friday. ‘Steel Plates Project’ was one. Based on a concept by the 14th- and 15th-century Iranian musician Abd al-Qadir Maraghi, the project was designed by musician, music researcher and maker of ney, tanbur, tar and setar Seyfollah Shekari who has remade several ancient music instruments.

In ‘Steel Plates Project,’ he used a new instrument, one of his inventions which, “due to its unique melodic structures, is expected to become popular with music ensembles,” said music conductor Navid Gohari, the festival art director.

Another performance on Friday was presented by German flute-recorder player, conductor and founder of XelmYa, Umbratono and Syl’Cor ensembles Sylvia Hinz. Her presentation was fierce, bold and dramatic. She is among the leading recorder players worldwide, specializing in contemporary music and improvisation.

Wide Range of Performances

Musicians who will present stage performances include Pars Contemporary Orchestra, Barbad Orchestra, Zarvan Trio, Farmehr Biglou (violin recital), Sohrab Jalai (viola recital), Seyyed Motahar Hosseini (piano recital), Mona Iqani (cello recital) and Ashkan Ahmadi (guitar recital), all from Iran.

Foreign musicians are XelmYa Trio from Germany, David Danel from Czech Republic (violin recital), Emanuela Piemonti from Italy and Martyna Kosecka from Poland (piano recital) and Aleksander Wnuk from Poland. There will be a joint performance by Iran and Switzerland. Musicians from the two countries have formed the Tehran Flute Choir and will perform on April 25 at Roudaki Hall.

Performing electronic-experimental music, there will be a collaboration between Soheil Soheili and Zhoobin Askarieh, a performance by Farshid Patinian and Niloufar Shiri, Ladan Sheikhi on santur, Soheil Shirangi and Sina Shoaee.

Foreign participants include Jakub Rataj from Czech Republic, Alesandro Solbiati from Italy, Zwerb from Belgium and Mathiass Ziegler from Switzerland.

Joint performances include Spectro Duo by Aydin Samimi Mofakham from Iran and Martyna Kosecka from Poland and a performance by Elnaz Behkam from Iran and Stefan Jena from Germany.

Several seminars and research-based events have been organized on the sidelines.

Tickets to the shows are available at Tiwall.com. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is located on Kargar Street, between Keshavarz Blvd. and Fatemi Street. Azadi Tower is near western end of Azadi Avenue. Hafez and Roudaki halls are both located on Shahryar Blvd., Hafez Street, south of Enqelab Avenue.