25 June - 16:30 - Hafez BlackBox

Soheil Soheili

Soheil Soheili (b.1983) is a Tehran-based director, producer, researcher and writer; having roots in a cultural-musical family, he started learning music from his father at an early age. By the turn of the new century, he started playing in a number of jam bands and became acquainted with a number of instrumentalists and musicians; now after a decade of work, beyond playing guitar and bass he is experience in the both fields of studio recording and live-music sounding and have expanded his experiences into a wide spectrum of forms, like digital performance and sound design or the stage performances. As a thinker and a planner, his sonic ideas revolve around the solutions regarding the solutions and the means of provision for noise pollution and acoustic planning in the form of noise reduction strategies, sound installations, and algorithms for coding audiovisual performances; as a background artist and a laidback producer, he is best known for his unreleased vault and the sound design for other artists.