reza nakisa

His background is in classical music due to his education and playing flute as the main instrument. Also, he has been working as a private music teacher as well as composing music for theatres and performing the pieces in the live performances and being the conductor in various chamber orchestra. He has also been involved in temporarily projects in collaboration with different music art houses. The last project he was involved with was with the Codarts foundation with the goal to create an orchestra from different nationalities and different conservatories in order to perform Mozart’s Requiem in Hoflaan Church in Rotterdam.He has also composed a series of children’s songs, which has been recorded and published on CD for private use.

List of Works

A Persian Fantasy for bassoon solo (2015)
Arabesque a duet for B-flat clarinet and bass clarinet (2015)
Ballade for oboe a string trio (2015)
Iris for oboe solo (2015)
Mallard for B-flat clarinet solo (2015)
Blind uil octet for flute, B-flat clarinet, bassoon, string quartet and Mezzo soprano (2015)
Dreams and awakening for flute, B-flat clarinet and piano (2015)
Nostalgia for bassoon and string quartet (2015)
Wanderer for flute and four percussion instruments (2015)
Miniatures for flute ensemble
Bras Trio for Trumpet, Horn, Trombone (2016)
Duet for Oboe and Marimba (2016)
Two Duets for two flutes (2016)
Duet for flute and harp (2016)
Fusion for flute solo (2016)
dedicated to Emily Beynon
Miniatures for string quartet, bassoon, mezzo soprano (2016)
First performance: Played during the master class held by Mrs. Susan Milan in England (British Isles Music festival) in Charterhouse School, Surrey, UK on August 29th
Ballad for Oboe and string trio (2016)
Dedicated to Pauline Oostenrijk and The Hague string trio. It will be performed on April 2nd 2017 in Stadstheater, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.
Ballad for Oboe and string trio (2017)
Dedicated to Pauline Oostenrijk
Oboe and The Hague string trio
performed on June 22nd 2017 in Kloosterkerk, The Hague, The Netherlands

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