Mehdi Khayami

Mehdi Khayami, was born in Abadan (Iran) in 1980. He has received various awards including the first prize of the Hausmann award 2013 in Rome. He won the prize of E.C.O 2013-2015 (European Contemporary Orchestra) composition competition. He has received two prizes for his music written for the theatre in Iran. “Abadan” his piece for orchestra has been selected by the jury among the works for the Symphony Orchestra “Giuseppe Verdi” of the Milan conservatory. “Sellat II” has been selected by the jury of ACIMC 2014 Call for Scores in Paris. His compositions have been performed in many important festivals and concert seasons. He was also commissioned to compose music for many ensembles and Festivals around the world.

List of Works

La Canto delle sofferenze for cello and accordion (2016)
Sellat III for piano solo (2015)
Sellat II for piano solo (2014)
Angha for violin solo (2014)
Muye for ensemble of 12 instruments (2013)
Alberi morti for flute, cello and piano (2013)
Canto delle menti for cello and piano (2012)
Sguardo di statua for flute, viola, harp (2012)
Sellat for solo piano (2011)
Trio d’archi for violin, viola, cello (2011)
Piccolo respiro di terra for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn) (2011)
Primo piano trio for violin, cello, piano (2010)
Primo quartetto d’archi for string quartet (2008)
Boofe koor for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (2008)

La citta infelice, Raissa for orchestra (2016)
Tirazis for orchestra (2013)
Luci serene e chiare for orchestra (2013)
Abadan for orchestra (2010)
Gemini for string orchestra (2009)

Vatan kojast for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion (2015)
Ghorbate nashad for tenor and piano (2015)
Rekhvate masoomaneh for tenor, cello, piano (2011)
Shodan for soprano, oboe, horn and percussion (2009)

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