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Idin Samimi Mofakham has completed his B.A and M.A both in musicology and composition in Armenia at the class of Ashot Zohrabyan. He has also participated in Beat Furrer, Chaya Chernovin, Alvin Lucier , Philip Glass, Christian Wolff, Bernhard Lang, Peter Ablinger, Carola Bauckholt and Petr Kotik’s composition master classes. He is a permanent member of Iranian Society of Composers and tutor of Superior Music schools and colleges in Tehran. He is also a founding member of Composition and Music Theory Department of University of Applied Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran. He is also the Co-founder and Artistic manager of “Spectro Centre for New Music” (since 2013), co-founder and Artistic adviser of “Contemporary music Circle of Tehran Modern Art Museum” since 2015. He had the honor to be invited as the Composer in Residence on different Festivals worldwide, such as 4020 Linz , IMPULS (Austria), Convergence (Georgia), LUCA – campus Lemmensinstituut (Belgium), O.D 2013 (Czech Republic), MATA and Christian Wollf’s Birthday festival (USA) and others. He also has been the composer in residence in VISBY center for composers in Sweden.

List of Works

Siyâh Mashq for Cello, Piano and Tape
Holography I for Violin and Cello (2015)
Holography A Concerto for Piano and Strings (2016)
Dedicated to Martyna Kosecka & Navid Gohari
Premiered by Nilper Orchestra
Martyna Kosecka (Piano), Navid Gohari (Conductor)
April 24 2016, Tehran-Iran
Ludus Consonus No.10 flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano & Strings
August 25 2015, Ostrava-Czech Republic, Ondřej Vrabec (conductor) , Ostravská banda.
Ludus Consonus No.9 for Saxophone Quartet
April 24 2016, Tehran-Iran, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, 1st Tehran Contemporary Music Festival
Macro Cosmos No.4 for Double Bass and Optional live electronics
Macro Cosmos No.3 for Clarinet in B and Optional Live Electronics
Ludus Consonus No.8 for Clarinet Quartet
Feburary 20 2015, Graz-Austria, at IMPULS Academy/Festival 2015
Macro Cosmos No.2 for Viola and Optional Live Electronics
Ludus Consonus No.7 for Three Instruments
Ludus Consonus No.6 for Violin and Tape
May 30 2015, Patra-Greece, Tania Sikelianou (violin)
Macro Cosmos No.1 for Violin and Optional Live Electronics
November 25 2014, Paris-France, Elise Douylliez (Violin)
Ludus Consonus No.5 for piano solo
April 28 2016, Tehran-Iran, Geert Callaert (Piano)
1st Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF-2016)
Ludus Consonus No.4 for Bassoon and Piano
April 19 2014, Ghent-Belgium, Geert Callaert (Piano), Simon Van Holen (Bassoon)
At Ghent bassoon festival.
Rajaz A Concerto for Tenor Horn and Chamber Ensemble (2013)
March 11 2014, Leuven-Belgium, Geert Callaert (Conductor), Tim De Maeseneer (Tenor Horn). LUCA Ensemble.
Ludus Consonus No.3 for Piano four Hands
November 12 2013, Yerevan-Armenia, Martyna Kosecka and Idin Samimi Mofakham (Piano)
Hesâr for Recorder (sop & Alt), Violin, Cello
August 23 2013, Berlin, Germany. XelmYa Trio.
Pascal’s triangle Version for Two Pianos
April 25 2013 ,Linz-Austria, by Suyang Kim and Till Alexander Körber at Festival 4020 Linz.
October Diaries piano (2012)
March 11 2014, Leuven-Belgium, Geert Callaert (Pianist)
Hommage A’ Abolhasan Saba for Violin and Cello
December 1st 2012, Lemara Yakubova (Volin) , Akmal Irmatov (Cello) – Omnibus Ensemble/Uzbekistan.
Mirage for Violin,Viola, Cello & Percussion (Water)
August 27 2013, Ostrava/ Czech Republic , Ostravská banda
Lullaby for Violin Solo
1 to 100 minutes
December 9, 2012, NYC, Denise Stillwell (Violin)
Ludus Consonus No.2 for String quartet
September 20, 2012, Tehran-Iran, soloists of Austro-Iranian Symphony Orchestra (AISO)
Ludus Consonus No.1 for piano (2011)
December 16, 2011, Yerevan-Armenia, Vasya Volkova (Pianist), at Fifth Armenian Young Composers Concert
Pascal’s for trianglepiano
May 1st , 2015. York-UK, Geert Callaert (Piano), in York Spring Festival of New Music.
Epitaph for flute, violin, viola, cello
April 25 2013, Linz-Austria, Gisela Mashayekhi-Beer – Flute, Sabine Reiter – Violin ,Firmian Lermer Viola ,Marcus Pouget – Cello.
Pastoral for Three Flutes
May 27 2009, Yerevan-Armenia. Soloists of APO. At Composers Union of Armenia
Monologue for Violin solo (2008)
November 7 2008, Yerevan-Armenia. Nikray Kowsar (Violin)

Zurvān for 3piccolo, 3clarinet, 3bass clarinet, 3contre bassoon, 4horn, 3trumpet, 3trombone, tube, timpani, percussions, strings (2014)

An Oasis in Momen for Tenor, Cello and Piano (2016)
At the waters of Lethe An Opera in one Act
Poshte Kâjestân for Female voice, Flute, Percussion, Harp, Piano
May 31 2015, Paris-France, Ensemble Collectif Quest
Hommage à Komitas for Female voice, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
April 24 2015, Linz-Austria, Martyna Kosecka (conductor), 4020 Ensemble
Truth.Courage.Freedom.erosion for 8 soloist choir, flute, clarinet & string quartet
November 12 2014, Galapagos Art Space , New York
Truth.Courage.Freedom Version for 8 soloist choir
November 9 2014, Dresden-Germany. Olaf Katzer (conductor) , AuditivVokal Dresden
Rajaz A Concerto for Tenor, Horn and Chamber Ensemble (2013)
March 11 2014, Leuven-Belgium, Geert Callaert (Conductor), Tim De Maeseneer (Tenor Horn). LUCA Ensemble.
Miserere for Choir (SATB)
Barf for Mezzo Soprano & Piano (2009)
December 23 , 2010. Wuppertal-Germany , Alma Samimi (Soprano).
Seven Last Words From the Cross for Mail voice and string quartet
August 17 2009, Yerevan-Armenia.

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