Ardavan Vosoughi

As a teenager he learnt to play the guitar from Keyvan Mirhadi and continued his education in Tehran Conservatory. Then he studied composition with Alireza Mashayekhi. Later in 2016, he passed a composition course with the contemporary music composer Salvatore Sciarino in Chigians Academy. Several pieces from Vossoughi have been performed by various musicians, ensembles and orchestras, amongst which the piece called “La chute” performed by Babak Valipour, various pieces performed by “Ghanbarimehr” ensemble and string quartet number 3 (Viaggio in Italia) performed by Prometeo Quartet can be mentioned. In 2012, he created an album called “Silence rest” together with Nima Atrkar Roshan; this album was published by “Hermes records” publication.

List of Works

String Quartet No.3 (2016)
Viaggio in Italia, Dedicated to Salvatore Sciarrino
Premiered by Prometeo Quartet, 2016, ITALY
Trilogy for Flute, Percussions, Piano, 2Violins, Viola, Cello & Double bass (2015)
Commissioned and Premiered by Ghanbarimehr Ensemble, 2015, Tehran-IRAN
Remains alone for Tenor Saxophone Solo (2014)
String Quartet No.2 (2013)
Development of Silence No.3 for Piano Solo (2012)
Premiered by Ava Tehrani, 2015, Tehran-IRAN
Poet’s Winter for 2 Violins, Violoncello & Piano (2012)
Dedicated to Ahmadreza Ahmadi
Recorded by “Rasa Trio” for Hermes Records
La Chute for Classical Guitar Solo (2011)
Recorded by Mahyar Hemmati for Arqanoon Label
Premiered by Mahyar Hemmati, Tehran contemporary music week, 2014, Tehran-IRAN
Pairika Dedicated to Y.V for Classical Guitar Solo & String Quartet (2011)
Premiered by Ghanbarimehr Ensemble, 2015, Tehran-IRAN
Recorded by Hermes Records, “Silence-Rest” Album
Sisyphus Road for Piano Solo & Electronic (2011)
Development of Silence No.2 for String Quartet (2011)
Dedicated to Giya Kancheli
Recorded by Hermes Records, “Silence-Rest” Album
String Quartet No.1 (2010)
-2500 for Guitar Solo (2009)

Development of Silence no.4 for String Orchestra, Percussions & Piano (2012)
Dedicated to Hamed Sabet
Development of Silence No.1 for String Orchestra (2011)
Dedicated to Nima A Rowshan
Lament of Yalda for String Orchestra (2010)

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