Anahita Abbasi (1985)

“Anahita’s music is powerful, vigorous and colorful. It embodies tremendous timbral exploration and multilayered gestures.(Mathew lorenzon & Harry Fiddler- Australia). “As it is also vivid from the titles of her works such as Dialogues, Situations, Distorted Attitudes, and etc; she investigates and gesticulate thoughts and feelings; At the same time it is manifestation/ observation of a scene or multiple scenes, which occur simultaneously; the content of which, however, never becomes more concrete, but remains delicate at the border. She has the tendency to take us with her music on a mystical, puzzling journey and leave us within our thoughts, to find out the “ending” ourselves.”…(Ernst. M. Binder- Austria) Abbasi’s works have been performed around the world in various festivals such as: Darmstadt Ferienkurse (Germany), Ircam – Manifeste Academy (France), Matrix –Experimental studio des SWR (Germany), BIFEM (Australia), Klangspuren Schwaz (Austria), MISE-En festival (USA), Tage neuer Musik (Austria), Tongyeong International music festival (Korea) Impuls festival (Austria), Time of music (Finland), Atlas festival (Netherlands), Grachten festival (Netherlands) and many others. In 2014, she received the work-scholarship from Experimentalstudio des SWR in Freiburg. A recipient of a 2015 Morton Gold ASCAP young composers award, Ms. Abbasi was also nominated in 2017 as the “women composers of our time”. She is the founding member of Schallfeld Ensemble in Graz, Austria. and IFCA (Iranian female composers association) in New York City, USA. Anahita Abbasi (b. 1985, Iran) graduated from the University of music and performing Arts Graz, Austria; where she studied music theory with Clemens Gadenstätter & composition with Beat Furrer and Pierluigi Billone; while working closely with Georges Aperghis, Franck Bedrossian and Philippe Leroux. she is currently residing in San Diego and pursuing her Ph.D. in Composition with Rand Steiger at the University of California San Diego.

List of Works
No, I am not roaming aimlessly for solo Flute – 10′
Commissioned by Ine Vanoeveren
Premiere: January 2017, San Diego, New York, USA
Situation IV / Io e iO for solo violin – 11′
Commissioned by Marco Fusi
premiere: May 2016, Paris, France
Schattenfragmente for solo accordion – 12 min
premiere: 2011, Austria, Irland, Netherlands, Germany
Stagnant color Palette for solo harp – 8 min
Premiere: 2011, Den Haag, Netherlands
Sirventès for Percussion & Cello – 10 min
Commissioned by Ume Duo
premiere: May 2017, Teheran, Iran
Distorted Attitudes III/ Scattered for Baritone, Percussion – 12 min
premiere: January 2015, San Diego, USA
FAAB I for Sopran, Bariton – 2 min
commissioned by Schoenberg center Vienna
premiere: March 2013, Vienna, Austria
Incipio, bibo for Voice, Perc. Cl. – 13 min
Commissioned by Offspring Ensemble
premiere: September 2017, Sydney, Australia
Enigma patterns for Kl, Pn, Vl – 7 min
Commissioned by Platypus Ensemble
premiere: June 2017, Wien, Austria
Situation III / Je, Tu, Nous for Percussion Trio – 8 min
written for IRCAM Manifeste Academy 2016/ Percussion Ensemble
premiere: June 2016, Paris 104, France
Moving Surfaces III / Another birth for Piano, Tenor Sax, Percussion – 15 min
Commissioned by Tamgram trio
premiere: November 2015, Spain
Distorted Attitudes V/ Coinciding Destinations – Klangforum Quartet for Viola, Sax, Accordion, Double bass – 10 min
Commissioned by Open music
premiere: December 2017, Graz, Austria
Distorted Attitudes IV / Facile synthesis for String Quartet – 7 min
Written for Quatour Diotima, Time of music festival
premiere: July 2015, Time of music festival, Finland
Ahou for Pan flute, Guitarre, Harp, Mezzo Sopran – 4 min
Commissioned by Duo Verso & Duo Bilitis, Grachten Festival & Amnesty House Amsterdam
premiere: Summer 2011, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Netherlands
Cordatum for Ensemble companion piece to Octandre/ Varese
 –  7 min
Commissioned by Reed Family concert series / Steven Schick
Premiere: February 2017, San Diego, USA
The Matter of Time- within Hadal and Epi – 15 min
commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble-funded by Siemens foundation
premiere: November 2018,Graz, Austria
Situation I / Incidents for Tenor sax, Accordion, Piano, Violoncello, Percussion. Double bass – 12 min
commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
premiere: November 2016, Spain
Situation II / Dialoge ( Fl, Cl, Sax, Vl, Vc, Db, Pn, & Objects) ~ 9 min
commissioned by Festival Tage neuer Musik Graz, Schallfeld ensemble
premiere: May 2016, Graz, Austria
German Premiere: August 2016, Darmstadt Ferienkurse 2016, Germany
Faab IV / a femme fatale ( Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello) ~ 9 min
Revised version for Neuverband Ensemble
premiere: March 2016 , Basel, Switzerland
Moving Surfaces II (Fl, Cl, Pn, Vl, Vc, Db, 2 perc) ~ 10 min
written for Callithumpian Consort
premiere: October 2015, San Diego, USA
Faab IV / a femme fatale for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello – 7 min
Commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble
premiere: June 2014, Graz, Austria
Distorted Attitudes II / Labyrinth for Flute, Sax, Bason, Violin, Violoncello, Double bass – 7 min
Commissioned by die andere saite, written for Schallfeld ensemble
premiere: March 2014, Graz, Austria
Sama’ for Duduk, Pan flute, Erhu, Viola da gamba, Double bass, Percussion, Qanun, Mezzo Soprano and Baritone – 8 min
commissioned by Ensemble Zerafin
premiere: 2012, Amsterdam Tillburg, Alkmaar, Eindhoven and Den Haag, Netherlands
Zavaya for Nay, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Chang, Percussion – 12 min
commissioned by Ensemble Omnibus, TIMF ( Tongyoung music festival in Korea)
premiere: 2012 Korea, Kazachszan, Uzbakistan
Paso a Paso for Petzold block flute, Pan flute, Viola, Accordion, Percussion ) – 7:30 min
commissioned by Ensemble Black pencil
premiere: 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Safar II for Shakuhachi, Pan flute., Erhu, Pipa, Percussion – 5:30 min
premiere: summer 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Within the shifting grounds for symphony orchestra and ensemble – 12-15 min
commissioned by San Fransisco youth Symphony Orchestra & ICE
written for San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra and ICE
premiere: March 2018, San Fransisco, USA

Incipio, bibo for Voice, Percussion, Clarinet – 13 min
Commissioned by Offspring Ensemble
premiere: September 2017, Sydney, Australia
Seven Impressions for Voice, Percussion – 11 min
Commissioned by Klangspuren Schwaz
premiere: September 2017, Klangspuren festival, Austria
Togetherness the Vocal piece for 16 Voices – 9 min
commissioned by New York Virtuoso singers
premiere May 2017, New York, USA
Elixir (Night & Mystery) for Tuba, trombone, Baritone – 8 min
Commissioned by Jonathan Nussman
premiere: March 2017, San Diego, USA
Vocal piece for 14 Voices/singers, 1 Persian Instrument and Electronics – 8 min
commissioned by ACIMC. 1695 Project
premiere: December 2016, Shiraz, Iran
Distorted Attitudes III/ Scattered for Baritone, Percussion – 12 min
premiere: January 2015, San Diego, USA
Ahou for Pan flute, Guitar, Harp, Mezzo Soprano – 4 min
Commissioned by Duo Verso & Duo Bilitis, Grachten Festival & Amnesty House Amsterdam
premiere: Summer 2012, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Netherlands

STIMULUS for solo Flute & Electronics – 30 min
commissioned by Ine Vanoeveren
premiere: Summer 2018, Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Germany

Intertwined Distances for solo Harpsichord & Electronics – 10 min
commissioned by Mahan Esfahani
premiere: March 2018, Madrid, Spain
Sketch II for solo kamancheh, tape and live electronics – 6 min
written for ICM conference, San Diego
premiere: February 2016, San Diego, USA
FAAB III, Re-route for 5 dancers, bass flute, tape and live electronics – 8 min
premiere: December 2013, Graz, Austria
Sketch for solo setar, tape, live electronic – 4:30 min
premiere: Matrix 2012, Atlas academy & Experimental studio des SWR Freiburg, Amsterdam
Dropping furniture the music for film, 4 channel tape – 4:30
premiere: 2011, Graz, Austria


Name: Babel Score
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