Alireza Farhang

Iranian-French composer Alireza Farhang was introduced to music at a very young age as he grew up within a family of musicians. He took piano classes with E. Melikaslanian and R. Minaskanian and studied composition with A. Machayeki at the University of Tehran. He later pursued further studies in orchestration with M. Merlet at the École Normale de Musique de Paris and perfected his composition skills with Ivan Fedele at the CNR de Strasbourg. He was involved with the Musical Composition and Technologies program as part of a new European Course (ECMCT) jointly developed by IRCAM, and the T U, UDK and HFM Hanns Eisler in Berlin. His active participation led him to closely work with B. Pauset, T. Hosokawa, K. Saariaho , M. Jarrell, Y. Maresz, G. Pesson and T. Murail.

List of Works

Eiwân for violin, cello and piano (2014)
Esquisse for guitar (2014)
La chouette aveugle for piano and electronics (2014)
Diptyque for piano (2014)
When I Do Count the Clock that Tells the Time sax for piano, vibraphone, cello (2013)
Sóma for flute and percussions (2012)
Tak-Sîm for string quartet and electronics (2012)
Illuminations I for flute, viola, harp (2011)
Illuminations II for flute, viola, harp (2011)
Quand tu reviendras (bande originale de film) for flute, harp and strings (2010)
Tanîn for flute in G and electronics (2010)
Neda sax for percussion, trombone and piano (2009)
Bâd-e Sabâ (new version) for barbat (Oud) and 12 instruments (2007)
Echo Chaos for string quartet and electronics (2007)
Insolente chose for flute, clarinet, harp, piano, violin, viola, cello (2007)
Au-delà du temps for string quartet (2005)
Through the Looking Glass for 4 celtic harps (2005)
Agtandissement II for piano (2004)
Agtandissement I for piano (2004)
Au-delà du néant for flute in C (2004)
Etna for clarinet, maracas, cello (2004)
Trois pièces for classical guitar (2004)
Mouvement for string quartet (2003)
Hommage à Khayâm for flute, viola, piano (2002)
L’hiver et le parfum du printemps for four hand piano (2002)

Tavalodi Digar (sound track) for orchestra (2002)
Profilo riflesso for orchestra (2006)
au-delà du néant for orchestra (2004)

Tis not me for soprano and electronics (2013)
Immortal Beauty for 4 recorders and soprano (2013)
Haft sîn for soprano and piano (2003)

Zweite Hälfte for tape (2009)
Folliage Manège Interactive Sound and Video Installation Sound Installation Interactive Open Air Sound Installation Etude tape (2008)

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