Ali Radman

Ali Radman was born in Tehran and improved his learnt-outs in piano playing, and theory of Iranian music with his father. He was graduated as the top student from University of Tehran. Radman improved his learnt-outs in composition supervised by Alireza Mashayekhi. He was graduated in Music Composition in the Master’s Program from the Tehran Art University and then AWU. He learnt Iranian Music Radif with Majid Kiani, techniques of piano playing with Raphael Minaskanian and techniques of orchestra conducting supervised by Edo Mičič. Radman performed several orchestral concerts as player, conductor and composer. He began teaching in the Department of Music- University of Tehran, sooreh and Azad Universities. He has published two books and two albums named “Inscription” and “Fable of Statue Concert”. He was introduced as a top researcher of Azad University in2010, 2011 and 2015. He founded Pars Contemporary Orchestra and performed his several orchestral pieces in various styles of composition. In Feb. 2013, he obtained the first class medal of art. He has cooperated with several international music composition festivals and art conferences such as (Kiev,Hanover”Sprengel Museum”, Brussels, Bozar, etc).

List of Works

Ziggurat’s Voices for Piano (2002)
The Tale of the Town of Mirrors for 2 Santoors, Setar, Clarinet and Piano (2007)
Argument for 4 Santoors, Ney, Percussion and Contrabass (2008)
Masnavi for Santoor and String quartet (2010)

Bootigha symphonic Movement (2008)
Diorama symphonic Movement (2005)
Kavir for Divan and Orchestra (2003)
Masnavi for Santoor and Orchestra (2011)

Trenody of Desolate Land for Choir and Orchestra and Electronic Sounds (2013)

In Search of Lost Memory for Oud and Electronic Sounds (2018)
Cold Moments of Darrous for Flute and Electronic Sounds (2017)
Duet in the Market for Violin and Viola Electronic Sounds (2016)