Aida Shirazi (1987)

Aida Shirazi is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music.  Shirazi’s music is described as “well-made” and “affecting” by The New Yorker and “unusually creative” by San Francisco Classical Voice.  Her works for solo instruments, voice, ensemble, orchestra, and electronics are often influenced by literature, language, and Iranian classical music.

List of Works
latent for solo violoncello (2018) – 10′
Premiered by Rhonda Rider
Prisoner of The Sand for speaker harpist (2017) – 8′
Premiered by Jennifer Ellis
longing for a distance memory for solo violin (2018) – 6’
Premiered by Miranda Cuckson
One Day, The Bird Will Be Free for solo violin (2016) – 5’
Premiered by Andrew McIntosh
Illusion for solo Flute (2012) – ca.8’
Premiered by Cen Onerturk
Après for solo piano (2018) – 6′
Commissioned and to be premiered by Yael Weiss
Albumblatt for solo piano (2017) – 6’
Premiered by Ryan McCullough
Tide for solo piano (2014) – ca.4’
Premiered by Aylin Yilmaz
The Shadow of a Leaf in Water for flute, clarinet, percussion, harp, cello, double bass (2018) 10′
Premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente
Lost in the Light of the North Star for vibraphone, quarter-tone electric guitar (2018) – 10′
Premiered by The Living Earth Show
Vestiges for flute, strings (2017) – 5’
Commissioned and premiered by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
Umbra for string quartet (2017) – 11′
Premiered by Lydian String Quartet;(Re)Visiting
The Land of (un)Known for clarinet, violin, piano (2017) – 10′
Premiered by Empyrean Ensemble
A Wordless Poem on a Recurring Dream for flute, clarinet in B-flat, violin, viola, cello, piano (2015) – ca.4’
Premiered by Ergon Ensemble
Lullaby for Shattered Angels for flute, viola, harp (2014) – 11’
Premiered by Bilkent New Music Ensemble;
Where Time Abides for alto flute, violin, cello, piano, percussion (2013) – 15′
Premiered by Bilkent New Music Ensemble
Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano (2013) – 7’
Premiered by Sierra Ensemble;
Trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano (2012) – 10’
Premiered by Bilkent New Music;
Dark Night for violin, cello (2011) – 5’
Premiered by Bilkent New Music Ensemble;
New Work for symphonic Orchestra (2018-19) – 6′
to be premiered by Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France;
The Distorted Reminiscences of a Guardian for symphonic orchestra (2014-15) – 6’
Premiered by Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

A Girl for soprano, piano (2017) – ca. 6’
Premiered Lucy Fitz Gibbon and Ryan McCullough;
Goft Faryaadzanaan In Hame Nist for baritone, piano (2011) – ca.5’
Premiered by Bilkent New Music Ensemble

Trickle Drops for percussion and electronics (2016) – 17’
Premiered by Jordan Shippy
Doria for Soprano and Tape (2014) – ca.7
Soprano: Ilkin Alpay
Turning Points for Tape (2013) – 6’
Electronic Miniature for Tape – ca.3’