Tehran Contemporary Music Festival

Welcome to our Fest

Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) is the only independent international festival & also the premiere contemporary music festival in IRAN and it has been regarded as an influential Contemporary musical event in Iran and gradually become one of the most important new music festivals in the Middle East. The festival takes place during April-May and is staged at venues all around Tehran. TCMF is committed to disseminating new music, promoting an international artistic and cultural communication as well as building a platform for young musicians.

Festival in Numbers

We made 225 Hours of Music Activity during our four editions of TCMF including 84hr. the staged concert, 55hr. for experimental music & electronics, 48hr. Lectures, 38hr. workshops. 438 music pieces from 232 composers performed in our events and we could reach 113 premiered in just four editions of TCMF. Over 70 Music ensembles & soloists participated in our festival from Iran, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, and Finland.

Festival Orchestra

“Nilper in ancient Iranian language means “Lotus” and it’s a symbol for peace and friendship in the opinion of all countries.”
Nilper Orchestra was founded by Navid Gohari in 2004 for performing Contemporary Classical Music. The Orchestra’s continuous aspiration is performing art music of both Iranian and international contemporary composers, while – as the members of the orchestra – bringing together talented performers and rising artists living and working in Iran. Since its establishment, the orchestra has performed regularly in seasonal programming, and in its 13th years of activity has performed 28 full concerts, performing 58 works in the repertoire of contemporary music, 23 world or national premieres, and has hosted 10 soloists. Since 2008 Ehsan Tarokh has been responsible for orchestra’s managerial activities. Nilper is focused on introducing and performing the rarity repertoire of high quality, observing international rules of Copyright and interaction with publishing houses, and invitation and hosting of established artists and soloists from around the world. These all mark the concept, philosophy, and approach of the board of directors in Nilper Orchestra.

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Navid Gohari
Artistic Director

Ehsan Tarokh
Executive Director

Idin Samimi Mofakham & Martyna Kosecka
Artistic advisers and international group curators

Sarah Akbari
International Affairs

Visual Identity & Advertise

Elnaz Tarokh
Social Media Manager