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April 24, 2017
April 24, 2017
April 24, 2017

Pouneh Zarei (1986) was born in Isfahan. She began playing santoor in early childhood through lessons from Mr. Rezaienezhad. Her firm educations as a santoor player were shaped when she entered the conservatory of Isfahan. Moving to Tehran and studying Iranian classical music performance in the University of Art was her next big step toward the world of music profession. As a Student of music performance she was practicing under supervision of masters Said Sabet and later Ardavan Kamkar. Also as a researcher in music performing her influential teachers were Amir Eslami, Sharif Lotfi and Hooman Asadi. The main areas of her research interests are the Radif of Iranian classical music and music teaching. Her academic achievements can be short listed to 1st ranked students of University of Art in 2009 that followed with the reward of direct transferring to the master of art in music. Beside the academic studies, she has had many local and international performing experiences with music bands such as the Sarvestan, Shahoo and Javan. Presently, she has started teaching Iranian music theory in the conservatory of Karadj. Pouneh’s enthusiasm for santoor performing urged her to venture for more innovative technics in playing her instrument. Following this interests she and Ali Balighi have formed some experiences in contemporary music which is been playing with santoor through a combination of conventional and innovative playing technics.


Ali Balighi A little Piece for Persian Santoor (The Walking in the Darkness)
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