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April 24, 2017
April 23, 2017

Farhan Mohajerany a.k.a XSIX is an Electronic music producer and Sound Artist from Tehran At 2005 he started studying music composition and performance at Tehran Conservatory. During these years he did different projects from electronic rock, Trip-Hop to IDM, Noise Ambient and started his own project (XSIX) the following years. After graduating from conservatory he continued studying Electronic music sound installation, Sound Art and music production through online courses and self-study. He has composed music and sound design for several Theatre Projects like (Deja Vu,Humans Castle for Fajr Theatre Festival, etc.. ) some Movies and Performed at different festivals like TADAEX 2014 He did sound installation for the modern Poet Leilly Galledaran. He did sound installation and composition for Mohammad Azarm which involved minimalistic and repetitive patterns Mathematical sound composition. He also has done some Electronic Rock, Trip Hop and Industrial solo projects and collaborated with different artists. These past few years he has focused more on designing sound for some Multimedia and Noise improvisation performances and also studying chance and unpredicted happenings in sound art through different approaches some of his works are improvisations with machine drums, sound modules and noise generators of his own design beside recording and performing with different objects as sound source. Finding a way to feel the presence of the moment in the immediate experience through sound.


“Most of the performance is improvise”