Contemporary Music Circle, was formed in autumn 1394 by Navid Gohari (as the director of the center), Ehsan Tarokh, Hosein Sarvi and Idin Samimi Mofakham (as members of the Circle›s planning council) and got established in Tehran Museum of contemporary Art, in the same direction with new policies of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for the development of artistic activities, and with a focus on the implementation and dissemination of contemporary music.
The Contemporary Music Circle, as a private and independent forum, registered and holds Tehran International Festival of Contemporary Music in its first executive steps and relying on scientific, artistic and executive background of its planning council›s members, with the implementation of cultural agreements with institutions, local and international cultural centers and associations.
Holding domestic and international concerts and festivals, scientific meetings and specialized short term workshops, publishing the specialized magazine of the Center, organizing composing and performing competitions, and founding and exploiting the library and the specialized audio archive of music will be only some activities of Contemporary Music Center.
The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art›s Music Circle, as a social, professional and cultural center has tried to get